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For the ultimate tattoo experience, and a rare opportunity to take advantage of one of the most unique tattoo technicians on the planet, don't miss the chance to get tattooed at Sacred Fire Tattoos!

Tattooing is truly an ancient, timeless and worldwide practice.  With art and designs  representing all cultures, spiritual orientations and visual styles, tattooing has evolved with the times and yet, has remained what it is; a powerful experience that teaches us about commitment, tolerance, ego, pain sacrifice and wise decision making.

Here at Sacred Fire Tattoos I've taken tattooing to a whole new level.  A leader in the field when it comes to quality, craftsmanship, and clean procedure, Sacred Fire Tattoos is built upon the foundation of offering the highest quality service to all.

Sacred Fire Tattoos provides high quality, customized body art, performed in an ultra-clean, private, and relaxed environment.  Cleanliness, sterilization and asepsis are top priorities here and my autoclave sterilizer is tested monthly.

During my 11 years in the heart of Sedona Arizona, Sacred Fire Tattoos has been regulated and inspected by the Coconino County Department of Health, who have consistently given the studio their highest ratings!

From barrier protection on EVERYTHING (machines, chairs, lights, spray bottles, etc.) to my own level of personal protection (wearing face protection and surgical gowns) you'll not likely find many studio environments as clean, safe and comfortable.

In addition, the approach to tattooing here at Sacred Fire Tattoos is geared towards transformational and uplifting tattoo experiences.  The focus being on infusing the body and this world with Light and Love of the highest order!

Tattoos have tremendous potential to not just be beautiful, but perhaps to even go so far as to alter and modify our genetic code.  If you are familiar with the work study of Dr. Masuru Emoto you know already how influenced water is by thoughts and words.  Well, what is the body if not a big sack of water???  What we put on this body should be contemplated deeply. We live in a time when we as a planet and as individuals are being called upon to make a paradigm shift in consciousness. Tattoos can play a wonderful supporting role in this awakening; from protective talismans, to reminders of our nature as Divine beings, radiant and glorious as we are, here and now.

Bring in your own art and designs (the internet can be a great source for tattoo inspiration, as can the library) or have me custom draw your design.  At Sacred Fire Tattoos, practically any tattoo is possible; beautiful, original works of art, superior cover-ups, full color or monochromatic designs, the sky's the limit!

Accurately capturing the client's vision/concept is of the utmost importance!

I always encourage people to do their research well before deciding on a tattoo.  The more reference material you provide me, whether in the form of designs, adjectives, sketches, reflections, poetry, intention, motivation, music or imagery, the more personal and rewarding your tattoo will become.  Visit the "Links" page here on this web site to find other sources that can help you with your tattoo design selection.

A word of caution: Ultimately the only one to hold responsible for a poor quality tattoo or, God forbid, the transmission of a blood borne pathogen, is oneself.  The decision where to get a tattoo and from whom is the clients' alone. Choose wisely and put some time and energy into any tattoo-related decisions!

Fun Fact: Did you know???

With regard to tattoo ink toxicity, AESI (The American Environmental Safety Institue) states that the ink used for an index card sized (3" by 5") tattoo contains 1.23 micrograms of lead, which is more than double the amount permitted per day under California's Proposition 65.

To read more on this subject, please visit this link:

Additionally, please visit the Links page on this web site for more on this topic!


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“People often share with me, that they feel as if I am a channel for “higher energies” when it comes to doing their tattoos.

I say, YOU are the “higher energy” and all I do is capture that which you project forth from within, onto the canvas of your skin.”


"Siva is absolutely amazing.. his creativity, passion, and professionalism made this beautiful tattoo and this experience truly EPIC.  Thank you again for all the hard work and love you put into this piece"

~Ryan R.

1/2 Sleeve Buddha Cover-Up Tattoo